Nauta Staalbouw Heeg supplies large structures within the Netherlands and abroad

Nauta started out as a blacksmith’s business in Heeg, in the Dutch province of Friesland, as long ago as 1875. We even manufactured steel structures for fairgrounds. Today Nauta offers much more than this. Drawing on our past experience and with an eye on the future we build complex steel structures for industrial units, as well as for the commercial and industrial building and civil engineering sectors. In addition, Nauta supplies slackening structures, equipment and heavy structures, such as bridges, pontoons, pile heads and more, in the Netherlands and abroad. As part of the GB Steel Group we have access to the machinery of Kampstaal and the services of Kamplacon dak- en wandbeplating.

Management summary

Specialists in engineering ensure first-class preparation

Steel construction calls for a well-prepared plan. That’s why Nauta Staalbouw Heeg has its own specialist engineering department. Before we even touch a piece of steel our employees here decide on the structural design, calculate the steel structure, specify all the details and ultimately transform all this into precise production drawings. For this we make use of sophisticated 3D drawing software, specially designed for the steel construction sector.

In-house production by experienced employees

Expert production employees ensure that every structure is solidly assembled. Welders put the structures together and make the necessary welds. For these activities we have a superbly equipped production hall at our disposal. This hall is extra high and comprises equipment with a lifting capacity of 80 tonnes. Large structures can therefore be preassembled. Thanks to our large production hall, we are able to construct large steel structures and components with a cross-section of 11×11 metres. Nauta Staalbouw attaches great importance to safety as well as quality. Our organisation has therefore obtained VCA (contractor’s safety checklist) certification.We are also authorized to issue the CE mark to the highest excecution class EXC4. And in June 2017 we received the ISO 14001:2015 certificate, which signifies we have a top-notch environmental management system.

On-site assembly

Nauta Staalbouw Heeg can meet your every requirement, and not only in Friesland, where we design and manufacture your steel structures. We can also do so on site, where our experienced assembly teams will assemble structures for you. Whether simple or complex, low-rise or high-rise: we will put each structure together with dedication and expertise to ensure swift assembly, while keeping safety firmly in mind, of course.

Preservation of structures for quality that stands the test of time

Our steel structures will retain their quality, even over their many years of service in production halls, offshore constructions or other structures. This is due to the special attention we pay to the preservation of the materials we use. Here we make use of our own 6×33 metre manual blasting booth, which gives us the space we need to blast even large steel structures. We also carry out spraying at our site in Heeg. As a result, large structures do not have to be transported by road. For smaller structures we make use of the blasting and spraying capabilities of our sister company within the GB Steel Group: Kampstaal Staalbouw.

Transport by water and by road

Our company is very much at home in Friesland. From here we can provide you with the perfect service. This is made possible by our strategic location on open water. As we have our own loading and unloading quay, we can ship even the largest of structures. We also have a modern fleet of vehicles at our disposal for transport by road. This ensures that every structure will be transported swiftly and professionally to its destination.

United in steel: GB Steel Group

Nauta Heeg staalbouw, Kampstaal staalbouwKamplacon dak- en wandconstructiesVossebelt kippers en containers, Machinefabriek Emmen five unique companies with particular expertise in the area of steel. As these companies all belong to the same group, each of them is a reliable partner and can work extremely flexibly by quickly engaging other companies within the group.

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