From complex infra projects to industrial and commercial structures, take a look at an overview of projects we have completed.

08 maart 2023

Expantion - Wajer Yachts

At the beginning of October 2022 we started the construction at Wajer Yachts. All the steelwork was produced in our production hall and our assembly team assembled the entire construction on location.

10 maart 2023

Portals and platforms – Qirion

For Qirion we produce various constructions that will be placed at different high-voltage stations in the Netherlands.

16 maart 2023

Filter Tanks – Titan Projects

For Titan Projects we realize pressurized equipment for the process industry.

01 maart 2023

Protective posts - Prinses Margrietkanaal

In collaboration with Knol Akkrum, we have realized 6 new protective posts for the bridges near Ald Skou, Uitwellingerga and Spannenburg.

27 oktober 2022

Slacking and guiding works Wilhelminasluis

Slacking and guiding works for the Wilhelminasluis in Andel.

25 oktober 2022

Gerda Tarobrug IJburg

We have realized the Gerda Taro Bridge. The 124 meter long bridge is the connection between 2 islands on IJburg.


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