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Top frames for sea transport

The container revolutionised sea transport. Never before had it been so easy to transport such large quantities of freight by water. Not all kinds of freight fit into a container, however, one example being silos. That’s why Nauta Staalbouw Heeg manufactured a top frame for the Louis Dreyfus Group in which silos can be transported.

Short lead time

The Louis Dreyfus Group is a large conglomerate that is active in the agriculture, oil, energy and raw materials sectors. Sea transport is a key activity here. Nauta Staalbouw Heeg was commissioned to manufacture the top frames needed to transport stainless steel silos safely and flexibly by sea.

The lead time for this project was short, but nevertheless achievable. This is because Nauta Staalbouw took care of the detailed engineering, manufacturing and preservation in house. The steel frames measure 12.51 x 12.51 metres and meet the requirements of DNV.