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Van Harinxma canal

The Province of Friesland’s plans include tackling the Van Harinxma Canal, to improve throughput of traffic. Both commercial shipping and pleasure craft will benefit.

New waterway guide systems are an important part of this. The previous guide system was made of wood and was very old. Old guide work can lead to unsafe situations in the event of a collision. Bridges, locks and/or ships can be damaged and unnecessary costs can be incurred. This includes the cost (and inconvenience) of having to make road and waterborne detours. In addition, the province is keen to promote the use of waterways. Strong, steel guide systems, which can withstand impact, play an important role in achieving these aims.

In Heeg we had a great opportunity to fabricate some enormous guide systems. Who knows, we’ll probably sail past them again this summer. And, after that, again… and again…

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