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Theater Sneek is an eye-catching structure in the Dutch town of Sneek, famous for its watergate. Even from a distance the striking theatre tower is a real landmark. Nauta Staalbouw Heeg supplied the steel structure for this attractive new theatre.

The new Theater Sneek is a medium-sized theatre with 620 seats. Its most striking feature is the 23-metre-high theatre tower, although it is not just its height that makes it so impressive, but also the fact that it functions as a beacon. The lights on the tower indicate what kind of performance can currently be seen in the theatre. Yellow, for example, means cabaret, while purple is the colour for music and white indicates a show. Another unusual feature is the theatre’s roof garden.

Nauta Staalbouw Heeg was commissioned by Friso Bouwgroep to build the steel structure for this commercial building. The theatre was designed by Alberts & Van Huut B.V.