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Steel construction for a so called slow traffic bridge 

On behalf of Ballast Nedam Parking, we supplied and installed the steel construction and railings for a bicycle bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal in Oirschot. The order included not only the delivery and assembly of the steel structure, but also the preliminary phase: engineering, manufacturing and conservation. We thought along with the implementation design and provided detailed calculations. The bridge is especially intended for slow traffic, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Steel construction

In total, 130 tons of steel were used for the steel structure, railings and stairs on both sides of the bridge. The bridge is over 200 meters long and the total length of railings is approximately 475 meters. The handrails are provided with a double layer of powder coating and the construction is hot-dip galvanized.

In addition to having bends, the bridges must also have a rising line to reach the main span. A 3D-elaboration was used for this. Because the railing is made up of posts of steel with a diameter of 20 mm, the whole made it a challenge with regards to engineering and manufacturing.


We worked together with various parties on this project. For example, our sister company Kampstaal was closely involved in making the steel construction. The collaboration between wUrck and Wijma Kampen, led by Ballast Nedam, has resulted in our team being awarded the tender for the design, construction and maintenance of the slow-traffic bridge. We worked as a team on the underlying design of West 8.

The bridge will be part of the ‘Groene Corridor’, the recreational bicycle connection between the Markt van Oirschot, the center of Eindhoven and ‘Het Groene Woud’.

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