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Portals and platforms – Qirion

The assignment

For Qirion we produce various constructions that will be placed at different high-voltage stations in the Netherlands. For the location near Maasbracht, we produce 3 portals which will serve as support structures and coupling point between power pylons and the high-voltage station. The incoming electricity lines are strained on these construction.

The activities

In total we have produced 3 support structures in the past year. The production of the first portal started in September 2022. One portal consists of various parts which together form a whole. The structures have been welded under the protection of a powder coating and are hot-dip galvanized. Then, the portals were manually blasted and provided with preservation.

For the high-voltage stations, we have produced 4 platforms. The surfaces of the platforms (11×7,3m) are fitted with grids and rails. These constructions are also hot-dip galvanized. On site, the platform constructions are mounted on the power pylons.


Soon, the entire construction will be assembled. Then, the constructions will be transported to the 380/150 KV-high-voltage station. Below, you can see some nice impressions of the project.