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Launching structure

Nexen Petroleum UK is building a new drilling platform in the North Sea off the Scottish coast. To ensure this facility is safe, it is important to be able to evacuate all the crew within ten minutes. This is done using lifeboats, which can be launched quickly from platforms constructed by Nauta Staalbouw Heeg.

In the event of an emergency on a drilling platform there is only one objective: to evacuate the platform as quickly as possible. There is no quicker way to do this than using the Verhoef FL75 Freefall Lifeboat. Nauta Heeg Staalbouw built the launching platform for these boats. The lifeboats are suspended from the drilling platform in special holders and can be launched immediately in the event of an emergency. Without any propulsion the boats travel at least 250 metres from the drilling platform.

Launching platform is crucial

These lifeboats depend on the launching platform to function correctly. The correct angle of inclination and height, but also safety devices, are important to ensure swift and safe operation. Nauta Staalbouw Heeg manufactures and tests these launching structures entirely in house. After manufacture the launching platform is shipped to Abu Dhabi, where the drilling platform is constructed.