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Gerda Tarobrug IJburg

The project

From August 2021 we have worked on the construction of the Gerda Taro Bridge (bridge 2125) that should connect the Centrumeiland (Centre Island) and Strandeiland (Beach Island) Ijburg. This bridge will be an important route for construction traffic towards the Starteiland (Starting Island). On behalf of Ballast Nedam we have produced and installed all steel parts of this new bridge.

The work

While the contractor had already started the foundation work for the Gerda Taro Bridge at the end of 2021, we worked just as hard on the bearing structure and the bridge deck sections in the production halls. We call the bearing structure for this new bridge “Spinnenkoppen” (Spider heads). These are the pillars that carry the total weight of the bridge field. These “Spinnenkoppen” are individually assembled in our production hall and checked before they were transported to Amsterdam. A total of 5 spider heads were produced. They are provided with a multi-layer wet paint for optimal protection against corrosion and weathering. The complete bridge field is produced in sections in our workshop with great precision. These sections together from a bridge deck with a length of 124m. Halfway through the year, our assembly team installed the bridge and the undercarriage on site.


Before the bridge will be used, prefab concrete floor plates will first be installed on the steel construction. Then, the bridge will be completed. Once the bridge is completed, the water of the Ijmeer (lake) will flow from the south bank of Centrumeiland (Centre Island) and Strandeiland (Beach Island) under this bridge towards the Lee Miller Bridge (bridge 2080) and the Ijburgbaai. We look back on a successful project, see below the progress of this project.