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Slacking structure GOVA

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In 2022 we started with the production of the section parts for project AN3 at the lock near Oosterhout. Outside the lock we have mounted the slacking structures with a total length of 160 meters on both sides of the channel. These slacking structures act as a funnel towards the lock. We also delivered and placed the slacking structures in the lock. These slacking structures also have a total length of 160 meters, followed by 30 meters of mooring places for recreational boating. In the meantime project ZN3 at Oosterhout has been fully completed. We will also realize ZN4 for Groot Onderhoud Vaarwegen (GOVA) near Andel. The production process has already been started. The slacking structures for the lock near Andel have been placed and mounted in the fall.

Within our group we often work closely with our five divisions. This also applies to the realisation of a couple of footbridges for the project ZN4 GOVA. A number of footbridges were commissioned by Nauto Staalbouw to be produced at our sister company Machinefabriek Emmen. We took care of the  transport to Heeg, where they will be preserved, together with our sister company Kampstaal Staalbouw. Below, you can see a nice impression of transport, assembly and the final result.

For this project we collaborated with::