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Filter tanks – Titan Projects

The assignment

For Titan Projects we realize pressurized equipment for the process industry. After a successful previous collaboration, we now also produce high-quality process vessels for the equipment and system builder. This time we realize two Brine filter tanks and two Air Accumulators which are used in the food industry.

The activities

The production of the process vessels requires a great deal of precision. We therefore use the PED standard for the assembly of these constructions. The tanks have a diameter of 2,5 and are 7 meters high. The tanks are welded all around and hydrostatically tested; the tanks are tested for pressure and leak tightness. Then, the filter tanks are rubber-lined internally. By applying rubber to the inside of the tank, a protective layer is created that prevents any corrosion.


At our company in Heeg, all constructions are provided with a C5-M coating system, before they are delivered to Titan Projects in Bolsward. Below, you can see some nice impressions of the project.