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Bicycle bridge Noorderpark

Staalbouw Nauta Heeg had both its hands ánd halls full of parts for a bicycle bridge over the Noordhollandsch Kanaal at the Noorderpark in Amsterdam.

75 MT

Staalbouw Nauta supplied the bicycle bridge over the Noordhollandsch Canal in the Noorderpark in Amsterdam in collaboration with Machinefabriek Rusthoven and Ingenieursbureau Boorsma, among others. The bridge is based on a design by West8. The weight is no less than 75 tons with fencing and wearing course. The dimensions of the bridge are 35 by 5 meters. Very massive indeed! We have once again proven to be ‘strong in tough steelwork‘.


The so-called ballerinas are also worth mentioning. Two unique carriers, with an appropriate name. The transport of the whole was again quite a feat, and attracted a lot of attention.



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