Nauta Heeg steel construction: building on 150 years of experience

Very few companies are lucky enough to be able to build on almost 150 years of experience. Nauta Heeg steel construction is one that can, however. Having started out as a blacksmith’s business, we thought nothing of taking on unusual work: even steel structures for fairgrounds rolled out of our production halls. Today Nauta is a steel construction company that offers much more than this. We supply complex steel structures, are specialists in the area of slackening structures and also build structures for offshore use. Thanks to its unique location on open water, Nauta is able to transport its products by ship. As we also have a large production hall, we can therefore construct and ship large structures in one piece.

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28 augustus 2018

We are looking for a new colleague!

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18 juni 2018

We are looking for new colleagues!

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15 december 2017

Increasing Pipebride at Port of Rotterdam

Nice pictures of the increased the pipe bridge in the Port of Rotterdam.


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